XRP Potential Wave Count for 2022 to 2023 | Crypto Forecast | Alessio Rastani

XRP potential wave count for 2022 to 2023 | crypto forecast. With the recent volatility in bitcoin, it may be a good time to look at the chart of one major crypto, XRP (or ripple). Last year in January of 2021 we were right to have been bullish on XRP as it dropped to the 0.17 level. In May 2021 we mentioned that a pullback or correction was probable. Now it’s time to see the big picture and see what the probable wave counts are on XRP. While we can never be certain about the future of any crypto, there are things we may be able to say based on the probabilities. We will also mention the risk levels as well. #XRP #Bitcoin #AlessioRastani

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About the Author: Julie Bush


  1. Been waiting for your thoughts on crypto recently. Thanks for uploading a new one my man! Been counting waves on $BTC and the micro-term recovery has been nearly predictable with Elliott Waves. Much love brotha ❤️

  2. Sono entrato nel settore delle criptovalute dal 2019 e sono davvero contento di averlo fatto allora perché è stato un momento spartiacque per me finanziariamente, la mia decisione migliore finora.

  3. Pretend we know nothing about TA and want to range trade xrp and stocks. Please be so kind and explain to us in the most simple and concise way possible as if you would explain it to a 10 year old, how you increase the odds of knowing when to enter and exit a trade in order to maximize profits as much as possible.

    Your help would mean the world to me because these pandemic years have been extremely traumatic and tragic for me as I lost numerous loved ones and to cope, I threw myself head first into learning about when to enter and exit trades in order to increase my odds to maximize profits so you can imagine how I feel.


  4. So if you are right the acb corection of the complete eliot wave after the 1,2,3,4,5 waves will be at 0.03-0,09.The retrace from 8 $ to 0,003 is to much

  5. Xrp is going to minimum 5 dollars this year and you know why i am saying this! The sheeps will come after the 5 dollar mark

  6. Currently XRP is above the .80c resistance. What is your definition of breaking the level of resistance is what we are seeing affirming your bias that it has broken?

  7. Yes you r right!!!i think XRP,FLUX, ZILIPA,AGIX end HBAR ARE FROM THE MOST STRONG PROJECT S in market now……..i m long term….2023 end

  8. Thank you for your videos Alessio, I have leant so much and you have inspired me to study Elliott Wave Theory, I’m thankful for that inspiration. Would you please help understand how you came to the .48 as the danger zone? How did you get .48? What lead you to that hypothesis?

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