The 2023 Great Reset ALREADY STARTED

The Great Reset. Recession. Market Crash.
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So what comes next for crypto? There’s little doubt for me that this crash recovers quickly. Winter isn’t coming – winter is here, my friends.

We’re probably going to lose some household names, like Terra and Luna, but that will be for the best. The more interesting part is that there is a good chance that crypto regulation comes faster because of this crash, which is both good and bad.

The bad part or rather sad part is the loss of the wild west. Crazy projects like piccolo coin probably won’t be popping up every other day and crazy meme rallies like the doge coin spike will probably be a thing of the past, but that gives birth to stability and growth, and that’s how crypto as a whole moves forward, and I’m all for that.

The projects that survive this will also have much more credibility and will probably attract more investors. Just a reminder: after Amazon tanked and clung to life at the end of the dot com era, they kind of became a big deal – just saying.

Crypto Crash
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Market Crash

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  1. When YouTube feels the need to actually reference a Wikipedia article in order to "fact check" your video….. You know you are doing the right thing. Thanks Max! You're my hero.

  2. Young Global Leaders, basically WEF has a lot of high profile people in their portfolio. I'm inclined to believe the conspiracies about the WEF and their agendas.

  3. Pretty amazing how in 2008 the left was at the forefront of anti bank/government rallies, and now the left has been hijacked by pro government/corporate manipulation. Very clever strategy of the banks to implement this under the guise of "environmental protection" and "equality". This is going to increase corruption and inequality in the long term.

  4. They won’t strip us of our property but they will make it easier to afford a leased car something you’ll never own they will make it easier to airbnb a house something you’ll never buy all in the hopes to keep you spinning on the hamster wheel. And houses, cars and cellphones will be worth too much for the average consumer to own

  5. China the land of workarounds haha..

    By the way conspiracies put it, the great counter reset is coming, all companied/rich people/governments will be culled behind the scenes, while protests and civil wars rage across countries.

    As long as its transparent and not profit oriented, but people oriented, and not restricting… it cant go wrong. Hope they cut it out with the dumb ideas that we can actually influence climate change inna good way by killing farmers cows and taking their lands to reduce emissions 🤣🤣

  6. Decentralization is one step forward and it is the freedom.
    Centralization of any type is slavery and 2 steps backward. Why centralization is slavery and prison?? BECAUSE LOOK AT THE TECHNOLOGY THEY ARE DEVELOPING TO TRACK EVERYTHING WE DO. YOU are tracked at every step and CBDC can be a pinnacle of centralization of power with one push of button.

    Please make your choice fast. It is very simple. ( People can tell you many things but it is a very simple to choice.)

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