Make Your First $1000 in Crypto (Complete Crypto Beginner Guide)

Crypto for beginners. A complete intro to cryptocurrencies.
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Crypto can be daunting when you’re first starting out.. blockchain? ledger? staking?? what does any of it mean? I wanted to do my part and break down everything you need to know in a complete beginner’s guide to crypto. How to invest in crypto 101.

We will cover:
What is Bitcoin
How Bitcoin and other cryptos work
What are altcoins
Types of crypto investing
Crypto terminology
Crypto myths
How to buy crypto
Cryptos you may want to buy
Crypto portfolio examples
Crypto addresses
Crypto gas fees
Crypto mining
Crypto hard forks
Smart contracts
Market cap
Crypto whales
And a whole lot more.

0:00 Intro
0:16 Bitcoin. What is it?
1:52 How does Bitcoin work? What is a blockchain?
4:32 What are crypto miners?
5:30 What are altcoins
5:55 Difference between Bitcoin and Ethereum (smart contracts, NFTs, more)
6:38 Crypto investing & types of crypto investors
8:45 Crypto terminology (Dont skip)
11:52 Crypto myths
14:28 Which crypto exchange is best
15:58 best cryptos to buy
17:19 Crypto portfolio examples
18:38 What is dollar-cost averaging
19:48 Crypto risks

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