BUILD WEALTH: How To Understand Crypto & Invest In This CRISIS | Anthony Pompliano

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Bitcoin, cryptocurrency, blockchain, and NFTs, when does it all stop and go away? Good news, chances are it never will. Bad news, chances are it’s not going away and if you’ve been avoiding this conversation, it needs to end today. Cryptocurrency is the fastest growing technology we’ve ever witnessed in human history. 10 years ago people doubted it, laughed at it, and blew it off. Today, countries like Nigeria, Vietnam and the Philippines are starting to adopt crypto. What is often rejected and feared is typically not understood. While billionaires and master investors once turned their backs to Bitcoin and the crypto world, they are slowly coming around and see the potential of what this currency and technology really is. Anthony Pompliano joins Tom to put you on notice and help you better understand exactly why low income and middle class people literally cannot afford to continue dismissing the potential for building wealth with cryptocurrency. Blockchain is happening and there is a major shift in wealth and purchasing power taking place. You owe it to yourself and to your future generations to at least do some more research, investigate and find out how you can better leverage the potential that a new digital world represents for you. The cost of entry is low, it’s decentralized, and for the first time you are not restricted by your income to take advantage.


0:00 | Introduction Anthony Pompliano
0:50 | Disadvantage of Non-Investors
7:27 | Understanding Personal Finance
13:18 | Cryptocurrency and Fiat Money
20:44 | Bitcoin’s Volatility Advantages
25:36 | Breadcrumbs for Going Digital
30:50 | Increasing Purchasing Power
35:22 | Censored Payment Systems
46:15 | Benefit of Open Payment System
56:23 | Decentralized Tech Structure
1:03:00 | Predicting vs. Observing Market
1:09:45 | Digital Versions of Analog (NFTs)
1:20:05 | Blockchain Is Happening
1:31:13 | The Monetary Revolution
1:38:55 | Bitcoin Global Reserve Currency
1:47:04 | Why Pomp Choices Bitcoin


“Poor people spend the middle class, save, and then the wealthy invest.” Tom Bilyeu [0:24]

“There’s really one key rule that everyone has to understand, which is, the dollars will be worth less than purchasing power terms over a long period of time.” [3:43]

“It’s easy to mock and make fun of these young people. But these young people are interested in understanding how does the market works.” [8:03]

“It is impossible, literally impossible in America to get a financial security position by saving” [10:21]

“I can either suffer at the hands of this system, or I can flip around to the other side table, and I can benefit from the system. Every single rich person understands how to benefit from the system, hold assets, not a currency” [18:46]

“All money, at the end of the day, is a unit of time.” [31:28]

“Bitcoin, specifically, it has a financial component that is unavailable and other assets, it is systematically built to continue to protect your purchasing power” [33:02]

“The more that you can be a market observer, rather than a market predictor, you start to just understand, crazy stuff happens.” [1:07:03]

“The digital version of something is always bigger than the analog version” [1:10:19]

“Everything you think is cool is going to go to zero, and everything that you think is dumb is going to moon.” Tom Bilyeu [1:19:36]

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About the Author: Ruby Pinkerton


  1. As much as I agree in this space, you should really stay away from inviting so many Bitcoin Maxis on your show.
    So many projects with real world utility not just faith in one coin but real world uses

  2. Anthony Pompliano is such a blessing to me. Success has no shortcuts, but there are ways to go about it; they are below👇

  3. Tom, love inner city references and thought. The inner city connection is interesting. It’s stark contrast to how most of my peer group grew up. We had moms and dads and some had separated parents, but in the city few have dads, many have passed some are locked up or others are missing. One parent one income and the cycle continues. Appreciate you covering this demographic with some experience. Love your show and way you think about all of it. In a year you can learn a lot. Great show thanks for providing such a thought provoking video. Best, Makk

  4. What a horrible world to think about. Threat to the elites power will be stopped at all cost. They kill people for less. This interview lets you know crypto is done long term. Going to ZERO

  5. We work for years to have , $1million while some people I know put thousand of dollars in some meme coins and they are millionaires.

  6. Please I need someone to help me trade or invest the forex or crypto market because I'm tired of trading in losses myself. I've blown my account twice and it's frustrating..

  7. Times have changed and now stock market is all about pump and dump leaving retailers as bag holders. Bag holders turned to long term investors will still bag hold and stock might go to zero. There is too much news, too many analysts, too many factors, too many firms, insiders influencing the stock price. Retailer money is being sucked. I made $172k combined net last year and paid no Federal taxes.

  8. These are the situations under which people who remain calm, patient, and take calculated risks can make life-changing money. Volatility is a two-way street. The green candles grow in size as the red candles grow in size.

  9. Financial literacy benefited from the pandemic almost as much as Big Pharma. So many people have learned the truth about fiat currencies during Covid thanks to A) incentive from a massive market drop, B) incentive from massive helicopter handouts, and C) free time from being locked out of their jobs or allowed to work from home without anyone breathing down their neck. This includes myself, who studied macroeconomics in university and just thought Keynesian economics was accepted as the most sophisticated, modern solution. It turns out, nobody understood it, including the central banks of the world! haha.

  10. You should interview David Swartz ex developer on Bitcoin Core…..Now CTO at Ripple….his got a very big history trail when it come to building computer systems…..sure he will be an interesting interview

  11. Ripple/XRP does what he say at literally no cost….Bitcoin failed as peer to peer cash system …..if not for speculative value today the intrest would be non to zero

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