How to find upcoming coin listings on crypto exchanges before others do?

Surely everyone is by now familiar with the “Coinbase effect”, whereby prices of coins that get listed on Coinbase typically dramatically rise in price. In fact, prices rise even before the actual listing on major exchanges, merely on announcements of upcoming listings. This is true, albeit to a lesser extend, with any exchange listing, especially the initial ones or the major ones (Binance, Coinbase, Kraken).

Traders and investors can get ahead of such listings by searching in altFINS’ Twitter news section where we aggregate tweets from over 1,100 cryptocurrencies into a single, real-time feed. Traders can easily search this feed for keywords like “listing” or other major news events such as “AMA” (ask me anything sessions), “mainnet” launches, etc.

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About the Author: Lydia Galloway


  1. Thanks for this man🙌🏻 This is very true guys, I even used this strategy when I bought UTED a few months ago. And now i'm gaining even though they haven't released their United Card physically, how much more when it already releases. BOOM!

  2. Can i know on which exchange is Operon ORGIN listed on? I want to buy it buy I don’t know how

  3. We want to buy them before listing how we can be aware of which token going to list on the exchange??

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  5. Before starting a crypto trading in a exchange like get.Io I mean to say upcoming coins which one is yet not live in trading these coins… how can I buy Before trading start.. Tell me anyone please

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