Edward Snowden: Crypto Is Heading In The Wrong Direction

In an hour-long talk as a virtual guest at Camp Decrypt in Napa, California, Edward Snowden, the famed computer intelligence consultant, gave his take on the state of Bitcoin, Ethereum, and crypto in general, primarily from a privacy perspective. And in this regard, in Snowden’s opinion, crypto as a whole is moving in the wrong direction. Snowden expressed his concern that a few centralized players, such as Coinbase, will give concede to the regulators, and once that happens, it’s over. “Don’t Trust, Verify” is the Bitcoin mantra, but from Snowden’s perspective, although he has a love for Bitcoin, Snowden was critical of Bitcoin and its lack of anonymity on transactions. He fears that the mass adoption and onboarding process of billions of people to use crypto will kill the spirit and purpose of crypto, similar to that of the original web. In the end, the regulators will have their CBDC and the major centralized players will have KYC and start scanning your face in order to buy.

Edward Joseph Snowden is an American and naturalized Russian former computer intelligence consultant who leaked highly classified information from the National Security Agency (NSA) in 2013 when he was an employee and subcontractor. His illegal disclosures revealed numerous global surveillance programs, many run by the NSA and the Five Eyes Intelligence Alliance with the cooperation of telecommunication companies and European governments, and prompted a cultural discussion about national security and individual privacy.
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Edward Snowden: Crypto Is Heading In The Wrong Direction

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  1. This guy ran from the USA intelligence services after whistleblowing fearing for his life. Looks fine.
    Became a father recently. Looks exhausted.
    Pretty funny.

  2. It’s over. Regulated by all governments. Never going to replace anything. Why do think NFTs we built under it? Ponzi scheme with a nameless person on top. If it was going to work it would be working by now.

  3. I've heard this argument before from my friends who invest in crypto. They praise it for being transparant, but then I tell them if it's transparant, they can be watched too.
    Of course, they answer.
    So you don't mind anyone policing your transactions? I ask.
    No, because I don't do anything wrong.
    But companies can still sell that information for profit, or change it, and you will have no argument against it.

    I thought you were against the government checking up on everyone's whereabouts and whatnot.
    … Let's change the subject.

  4. The world is about to see the 7 year Tribulation when Jesus comes and collects own home people who are in the blood of Jesus and put God first and kids under the age of 12 down to the unborn and then no more kids and babies before the tribulation starts then those who are left behind will see that they are walking on Hell the devil's playground those who got cast out of heaven those who have are microchipped got there one way ticket to Hell

  5. Just watch. You'll make one amount on Monday and by Friday inflation happens weekly so you lose money

  6. Snowden could not be more wrong about the U.S. government.
    Our government was helpless during the Black Live Matter looting rioting.
    And helpless as millions of Latinos cross over illegally over our borders.

    People like Biden and Soros can manipulate the government at will.

  7. Internet anonymous doesn't exist by default anymore. If I am buying a lawnmower without gov knowing, I gotta pay cash or pay for a VPN.

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