Why to NOT invest in Bitcoin? | Bitcoin vs. Gold vs. Stock Market

Bitcoin vs gold, which is a better hedge against inflation? In this video, we’ll talk about why to not invest in bitcoin or crypto in the times of crisis, and compare their performance against gold and stock market.
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Time Stamps
00:00 – Intro
01:29 – Bitcoin vs Gold vs Stock Market
02:46 – Dot Com Bubble
04:37 – 2008 Financial Crisis
05:03 – Covid Crisis
05:56 – Russia Ukraine War
06:59 – Is bitcoin a good hedge against inflation?

About the video
In this video, we will see if cryptocurrencies are a better investment than gold to hedge inflation around the world. When comparing Bitcoin and gold as inflation hedges, experts point to a number of dimensions on which to compare them: their history, effectiveness, ease of access and other sources of demand for the asset itself.
Gold might be relatively easier to invest in, given the wide array of ways to do it, including purchasing actual physical gold, buying ETFs that own physical gold or gold companies, as well as trading futures. Investors have a number of ways to take an interest in gold, depending on what their intent is. Many of these ways involve exchange-traded products such as stocks and ETFs, making it easy and cheap for investors to access their investment. Traders can purchase Bitcoin through crypto exchanges and now through traditional brokers, if they don’t mind the broker having custody of the cryptocurrency. Those who insist on taking custody of their coins will want to work through an exchange or an intermediary that allows it.

In this video, we’ll answer the following questions:
1. Should you invest in cryptocurrency?
2. Should you invest in gold?
3. How does crypto work in times of crisis?
4. Performance of cryptocurrency during Covid-19.
5. Performance of cryptocurrency during inflation.
6. Performance of Gold during Covid-19.
7. Performance of Gold during inflation.
8. Is Gold a better investment than Cryptocurrencies?
9. Bitcoin price performance over years.
10. Is cryptocurrency a better hedge against inflation?
11. How crypto prices are correlated with stock market?
12. Gold performance during dot com bubble.
13. How do interest rates affect inflation?
14. Stock market performance during inflation.
15. Crypto price analysis & Bitcoin analysis.

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