When you tell Boomers about Crypto

This Crypto meme video is about Zoomer, Boomer and Wojak who are having a conversation about investing into stocks and crypto. Zoomer is more of a crypto investor, while boomer is anti-crypto and trades in stocks only (and wojak lost a lot of money on a pump and dump hype coin). Do you agree with Zoomer of Boomer?




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  1. A successful life is all about the positive moves we take in life, I thanks God for giving me the best account manager, Bitcoin has changed zeros to heroes and made alot of people millionaires.

  2. Just living their lives like they know everything not will to take any chances but are willing to spend the whole lifetime at a job that takes up 45 to 60 years of their life

  3. Crypto fans/addicts who watched this video last year now remember the Boomer has been truth talking all along. Crypto is "trading by speculation on thin air… "
    In stock investing, your money is used to fund employers so they can expand and pay their workers' wages who in exchange produce value for the employer so the company grows bigger from their work's profit. The bigger their company grows, the value of its stocks you own also grows.
    Crypto is all about hoping sometime, greater fools than you might buy your holdings at higher prices..

  4. To all Crypto Investor:
    Axie Infinity(Defi Game) is gonna pump in the next few months because of their upcoming update.Invest now. God Bless us all investors!

  5. Never live with boomer they can't pay rent on time. Plan to kill his Dog and bounce out without 30 day notice lol

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