When You Invest $4.99 in Bitcoin

Lets be honest, everyone thinks they’re a billionaire after investing their little sister’s lunch money in Bitcoin. This is my impersonation of them.
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About the Author: Jerry Nelson


  1. Can't believe its been 4 years and btc is basically back to the price it was when this video was uploaded. lol

  2. I didn't know at first when people were saying they'd made hundreds off bitcoin they'd not actually taken the money out then lost it soon after

  3. I followed this advice and pour half of my wealth in BTC at end of 2017 and I am BTC rich in 2021. My little luck I should call, wish I pour all my wealth in 2017 instead of half but can't complain!

  4. If he legit bought 5 dollars worth of Bitcoin in 2017, he would have just over 10 dollars now, so not that bad I guess

  5. uhm the honda crv “with seat warmers” appears to be the lx base model; therefore, it has no seat warmers

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