What is Crypto Art? A basic explanation.

An simple explanation of Crypto Art.

List of Crypto Art Platforms:

Just like all cats are mammals, but not all mammals are cats. All Crypto Art are NFTs but not all NFTs are Crypto Art. I’ve made a video on basics of NFTs or non fungible tokens, you can go check that out. But today I’m here to explain the basics of what Crypto Art is, becasue Crypto Art is a digital artwork that is linked to a non fungible token.

Traditionally Crypto Art was related to the rise of crypto currencies like bitcoin and ethereum and had symbolism around that, but it’s now more loosely accepted as any digital art that has been tokenised on the the blockchain in order to associate digital proof of ownership.

So what does that mean? It means what we’ve taken for granted in the real world, that a physical painting can be authenticated and owned now has the equivalent in the digital world. This is huge because this has never been possible for digital artists in the past. A token acting as a digital certificate for a digital file securely held on a permanent network of computers now allows digital artists to sell their work like never before.

Crypto art is not just the digital file. It is the digital file backed by the NFT. So just like you can go online and find M. C. Escher ‘drawing hands’ and download it and print it, you would never try to convince anyone it’s the original, because you don’t own the letter of authenticity. The same now goes for digital art, everyone can see or download it, but only one can prove they own it.

The question of the value of owning a digital artwork now lies with the market. The market of collectors. Beeple sold this work for $1 and a couple of months later sold this one for $777k. Paris Hilton drew this picture of her cat and it sold for $17k. Justin Roiland the creator of Rick and Morty drew this sketch and it sold for $90k. Of course if you already have a fanbase, anything you sell will be worth more. But even small artists can find collectors that just like the art or want to support their work.

Pop art used to be disregarded as cheap and distasteful, Street art used to just be vandalism, and until recently, digital art was just for Instagram likes.

When you mint an NFT for Crypto Art you’re not giving away any copyright or rigths of reproduction. You are creating a new thing, a new product. That buyer can then enjoy it, and sell it whenever they please.

So where can you sell? There’s an ever changing list of places to buy and sell on the primary or secondary market so I’ll keep a list below in the description. I’ve also made a video on popular ones in the past.

Most Crypto Art sites currently use Ethereum to do their transactions so you need to be set up with an Ethereum wallet to connect and transfer to. You also need a little Ethereum to start with in your wallet to pay for minting or transaction fees. You can always transfer your Ethereum back out to your exchange of choice to cash out to FIAT or Dollars whenever you want.

In the future Crypto Art will just be called art. But at the moment, digital art is going through a movement led by changes in technology. The struggle of the artist will still remain, to create something with meaning and value, to find an audience or collectors. But the success of crypto currency in general has brought a wave of investors with big wallets to make a splash and bring eyeballs to the space with large transactions. The art world is a way to legitimize the space with creative thinkers, emotional ideas, entertainment and connection to culture that is worth investing in.

Early creators and collectors alike will be rewarded for their involvement in this movement.

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  2. So I'm curious, if own a piece of crypto art, and someone screenshots and uses it in their product. Is legal action possible?

  3. I'm new to Bitcoin and would like to invest but I've got no idea on how to make good profits. Please what's the best approach you'd recommend?

  4. Most time having knowledge or insight about a particular activity can as well be a pleasing exercise. I can boldly say that forex and crypto trading is one of the profitable money exchange services that elevates investors and their financial status.

  5. I don’t know why people argue with this, and digital art already exists decades ago and is as valuable as traditional art. Blockchain / Crypto ART technology can help digital artists to claim better copyright and ownerships. Though the damage to the Environment is a big problem, but I am hopeful it can be solved in the future. Blockchain technology is just so fascinating.

  6. finishes cooking his breakfast and brewing some artesanal beer with after effects
    Rhett: Alright, time to prepare my presentation.

  7. it’s just donating money to artist with extra steps, you can only accept one donation for the piece. Humans are not very bright

  8. its actually a stupid idea, that a few rich people started by tricking the public into thinking it had value. with fake million dollar purchases which makes its way back to the owner, people will think its the new american dream and people are so stupid they fall for it.

  9. if you can have an equally high resolution of the image for free why would someone care about who "owns" it?
    I thought famous paintings are cool because the brush strokes from the original artist are only present in the original copy

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