Weekend Update: Cryptocurrency Crashes, Mitch McConnell Visits Ukraine – SNL

Weekend Update anchors Colin Jost and Michael Che tackle the week’s biggest news, like the nationwide baby formula shortage.

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About the Author: James Hardin


  1. SNL has abandoned Joe Biden….I can't wait to witness the asskicking the dems are going to get in the midterms. I will vote for Trump in 2024 not because I think he is the best MAN to lead the country but because he is soooo much better than any F@#KING Democrat! BTW I strongly support the right of a woman to have an abortion for any reason whatsoever. But politics is all about compromise. Let each damn state has as much political autonomy as possible. After all it is a republic with democratic elections and not a pure democracy.

  2. How one man can screw up a country this bad in just 16 months is unbelievable. It has really opened my eyes to how much power a president can have. It is directly effecting the world as well since so many countries are dependent on our economy. We won't recover from his destructiveness for at least another 3-4 years. LETS GO BRANDON.

  3. Dear Michael,
    I like your friend's pretty face.
    His jokes make me laugh hilarious.
    Call me when he gets out of Ja' panty's Night Court 🇯🇵🎠
    He is a darker
    So: They will count him absent, like they do you at: Snow camp!
    (…yes. live mom!)
    You should have PAID that Japanese hitman
    ( …yes. the afore mentioned)

    – color blind strabismus Terry Bradshaw Testaverde

    G0 Jets! 🗽🪂💔

  4. Dear Colin,
    You make me laugh.
    Your black friend does too!
    Maybe you should just get it amputated..
    – "tiffany" 👤

    My pimp has scissors in his glove compartment, "diabetes ding dong"!!

  5. Would have been even more fitting if he had said “…Joe but we all have to secretly refer to as Brandon as to not be censored or persecuted” NBC just couldnt do it though could they?. Go Figure

  6. I had a seizer the friday before this aired, after watching this I realize why. The world is fucked right now.

  7. See what happens when the the only thing a currency creates is pollution though energy hogging buildings full of mining computers.

  8. Wow. That’s the closest I’ve seen to them making fun of Biden. And not one of those BS virtuous jokes either. Even the Saudi’s have a better Joe skit than SNL. I shudder to think of all the great skits they could’ve had. Joe negotiating crack prices for his his son with a dealer. Joe being allergic to strawberries and going into anaphylactic shock after sniffing a bunch of kids hair that use strawberry shampoo. That’s just a few. But apparently there is a no “real” making fun of him rule passed down to Lorne. He approves every skit that goes on air. Sad really.

  9. Doctors had us make baby formula from canned milk and Karo Syrup years ago. Babies thrived. What's wrong with people? Be independent and free — make it yourself, your baby will love you for it.

  10. Does anyone else crack up at the overly breathy and intense way they say Michael Che's last name in the intro? Gets me every time.

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