Top 7 Cryptocurrencies Review & Technical Analysis for Ripple, Ethereum Classic & more!

As Bitcoin & Ethereum continue to make new highs, several of the top altcoins are setting up for potential breakouts here. We’ll do some technical analysis for the top 7 cryptocurrencies. Specifically, we’ll take an in-depth look at:

Ethereum Classic,

As I say in the video quite often, “keep an eye on these!!!” :p

Link to the cryptocurrency 101 & Technical Analysis course:

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  1. The fact that Ethereum managed to bounce perfectly at this level suggests there is some upside for the altcoin against Bitcoin. Bitcoin could soon move even higher, On-Chain Trends suggest. Bitcoin’s rapid move to the upside has left many wondering if large investors will pay themselves and take profit. There have already been rumours shared on Twitter that certain traders and whale Bitcoin addresses have been liquidating coins in anticipation of a strong correction. Any trend the asset decides to follow or any conspiracy theory involving the recent price action of bitcoin the only way to remain safe in the crypto space is to trade and stay profitable always, that's why I employ the services of expert traders and one of such is vicente sanz. I subbed fully to his trade signal services after having made 6 btc in my first two weeks of copying them and since then I have been on a row, I just want to award other investors this opportunity and also use this medium to tell investors to carry out their own due diligence before making any investment decision meanwhile vicente can be reached on Telegram (@vicentesanz) and WhatsApp (+44 7380 353818) for any crypto related inquiries.

  2. treating crypos like stocks it totally invalid, you can just about throw the technical/charts out the window, just look what the recent ICOs did to eth. this is the wild west,plus the sketchy volumes and easily manipulated price action

  3. Just purchased one of your courses. Looking forward to it. Wish you success with it! Your content is great

  4. Im curious, anyone know how "safe" is coinbase's BTC vault? They got the option of storing private key with them or storing private key by myself. I choose the latter so I am wondering if that is considerably safer? Thoughts?

  5. Can you tell me where I can get a crystal ball like what you seem to have? Your predictions were very very accurate on the whole! Please keep putting out videos like this!! Great job and thank you!

  6. Bought Technical Analysis course. Really was in fear it will be super basic, because 2nd month I'm learning J. Schwager's TA book. I want to write my review to the cource, since I'm very greatful to author for releasing such value.

    1) Quality (video, audio) is top notch. Finally a well crafted course with slides, very well rounded presentation. The voice is clear and recored/processed perfectly.
    2) Contents. Information is structured in the best way I saw, really. Very easy to understand without missing details. A lot of real market examples. A lot of "experience" shared, I mean the small details and stuff can be saw only through time.
    3) Price – thanks for such low price. In terms of logic – it can be compared to trading book's price. But since most of videocources for some reason are more expensive than books it can be called a low price.

    Stopped the course after passing moving averages chapter, since already feel overwhelmed with stuff to study and remember to use πŸ™‚

  7. So why is Etherium going up so sharply?
    Has anything being built already on it's platform that has proven to be usefull? Is anybody using it for some other purposes than pure speculation? Or is is simply on ideat that in future it MIGHT be usefull for someone? Is it just like a company that has not made any proffit but stock is skyrocketing?

  8. Just bought your technical analysis course. Looking forward to learning how to properly read the charts:) keep up the good work

  9. Just bought your technical analysis course. Looking forward to learning how to properly read the charts:) keep up the good work

  10. I really like your vids. no trashtalk wasting my time, like other youtubers. a 30min-video is 30min of straight information. not too fast, not too slow, no unnecessary repetitions
    cheers mate for your work & keep goin. u doin great!

  11. from what ive seen so far, crypto does not behave the way fx or securities do when analyzing charts, using a mix of time frames based on volume works best. best not to think we have all the indicators figured out yet.

  12. Im an ETHEREUM Classic Hodler for a long time now. Made some profit, and its stable. Not to shabby. Expecting a huge jump soon though.

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