Top 5 Largest BITCOIN MINES on Earth

Back in the day, if you wanted to mine Bitcoin, everything you needed was a computer connected to the internet. You could let your PC do its thing, and if you got lucky, you earned a piece of this popular decentralized cryptocurrency.
Unfortunately, if you want to mine bitcoin today, this strategy doesn’t cut it anymore, as companies are building huge bitcoin mining farms/data centers, which consist of thousands of GPUs mining bitcoin all day long! These consume enormous amounts of power and are usually built in locations where 2 conditions are met: low outside temperature and low electricity prices.

If you wanted to take a look inside any of these bitcoin heavens by yourself, your trip would probably end in front of the door of these giant buildings, as they are closely guarded 24/7.
But don’t worry, that’s why in this video, Glame TOP 5 is taking you on a private tour of these mining rigs. Join us as we reveal the TOP 5 List of Largest Bitcoin Mines on Earth!

If you want to see how much Bitcoins does the LARGEST BITCOIN FARM on Earth mine, stick with us till the end of the video, where we’ll show you every single secret this bitcoin mine has to tell.

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