Top 25 Cryptocurrencies By Market Cap: 2013 – 2021 (Without Bitcoin)

This video shows the growth of cryptocurencies (without Bitcoin) represented by Market Cap Evaluation in USD. the animation showcase only the top 25 best performing cryptos.

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Best highlights:

00:25 first crypro (Litecoin) that surpasses the $500.000.000 Market Cap
00:29 Dogecoin was born
02:10 Ethereum almost surpasses the $ Market Cap
02:40 Ethereum surpasses the $ Market Cap
03:10 Ethereum going to the moon! (a jump from 1 to $25 billion)
03:50 Dogecoin not in top 25 for the first time
04:40 The return of Dogecoin with 1 billion dollar as a Market Cap
06:10 Ethereum surpasses the $ Market Cap
06:30 Elon musk pumping the Dogecoin to reach a 50 billion Market Cap

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When do you think Doge will hit it $500 billion in Market Cap?

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