This Is How To Become A Millionaire: Index Fund Investing for Beginners

Index Fund Investing for beginners: Today I wanted to talk about one of the best index fund investments that anyone can use to become a millionaire. I cover everything and share exactly how I invest my $10,000!
Intro – 0:00
Lies About Investing – 1:05
What’s an Index Fund? – 2:40
Why Buy Individual Stocks? – 4:04
What’s a Roth IRA? – 4:41
Lump Sum VS Dollar Coast Averaging – 5:27
Difference Between ETFs & Index Funds – 6:13
How to Invest for TEENS – 6:55
Can Anyone Invest in USA Stocks? – 7:53
How Much You Should Invest – 8:16
The Best Websites To Use – 9:01
Vanguard Index Funds Explained – 9:28
The Best Index Funds – 11:06
My $10,000 Strategy – 12:13
Picking the Best Index Funds – 13:02
Outro – 14:06
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  1. Hey Guys, here are some of the links I mentioned in the video:
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    Also beware of scammers in the comments pretending to be me, if it's me then my name will have a bubble around it! I would NEVER ask you to contact me on Whatsapp or give me money. MT

  2. I'm under 18 and would love to start making some money, the problem is that I don't live in the USA or the UK and I don't know what account to make. your videos are great and without them, id probably just spend my whole future with a normal job while dying from inflation, hope that doesn't happen. thanks in advance

  3. Do index funds charge a monthly/yearly fee based on how much money you have invested? where as standard stocks dont?

  4. Iv got a couple questions how do I properly use index funds websites where do I store these index funds for the long term (edit I'm 14 by the way pls make it's as simple as you can thank you for all your help)

  5. Bloody hell mate . . Best advice! I will be needing a new smartphone now as I actually smashed the like button so hard. .
    Keep up the good work
    I never thought I'd understand this stuff . .
    You're a top bloke

  6. Hi Mark, great video! I've arrived late on the investing scene I'm 47 and am worried about investing in via Index Funding at this currently volatile time. Is it worth investing in Index funds now or is it too late as we'll probably see the market crash over the coming months? Any advice would be greatly appreciated! You've open my eyes to what is possible. Take care.

  7. Maybe calling 50+ years of investment holding shouldn't be so easily called a "rapid pace"…..I'd rather call it a steady increase.

  8. Hey, I got a question. What is the difference between an accumulator and income when investing in index companies?

  9. I’m 13 and I’m trying to make a bunch of money investing in indexes with the leftover amount of money I get from my allowance. Very helpful video lol

  10. Vanguard is fine, but I've been with Fidelity for years, and have several of its zero fee funds. I find the website much easier to use. You can't beat zero fees!! Provided other factors like return, risk, etc are equal. 😊

  11. Now, this is truly passive investing. Unpopular opinion, but rental income from owning real estate properties is not passive income….

  12. Thank you so much for a clear and precise video. I just started with £500 into Vanguard ETF with regular 150 payments to start. Hopefully 8% over 35 years, gives me 352k and along side my property, savings, personal and state pension I am theoretically ready for retirement. It's criminal that basic investing is not taught at school. (UK)

  13. I'm 48 years old single mother living in Hamburg. I'm hoping to retire at 50 if things keep going well for me. Bought my first house last month and I can't be more proud than I am right now. I'm so glad I made good decisions about my finances that changed me forever.

  14. <It might be wiser for a novice to start with Index investing, but it is not easy. My point is that when investing you need education first. I know there are success stories by keep on doing DCA as well. To invest in growth stocks it is another level, definitely you need to know what are you doing. Karen Marie Emma is a US registered CFA. Lookup the name , she'll guide you.

  15. Please can someone tell me, is balanced funds the best for a pension fund or should i put my money into a S&P 500?

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