The Major Problem Russia, China, and Cryptocurrency Are All Facing

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Russia, China, and the crypto market are all faced the same problem in 2022. Failure to address properly would cause massive instability in the two countries and the complete devaluation of multiple coins within the cryptosphere. That problem is bank runs, an issue that financial sectors have dealt with for centuries. This video explains how each of their problems is unique and what each is doing to try to solve them.

0:00 Parallels in Russia, China, and Crypto
0:49 What Is a Bank Run?
1:53 Bank Runs Are Self-Fulfilling Prophecies
3:20 Sanctions Causing Bank Runs in Russia
4:15 What Is Deposit Insurance?
5:02 How Russia Solved Its Bank Runs
6:50 What Is a Stablecoin?
8:26 The 2022 Crypto Crisis
10:59 China’s 2022 Bank Run Problem

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