The Crypto Gaming market is hotter than it has ever been, with some of the biggest Altcoin gains coming from this sector. Today we will show you EXACTLY which tokens and Gaming Altcoins will set you up for an early retirement!


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00:00 Show Summary & Intro
03:00 Ultra (ULTRA)
04:05 What is Ultra?
05:20 Games on Ultra
06:20 How Ultra makes Money
07:27 Ultra Price Development
07:50 Competitors of Ultra
08:30 Gala Games (GALA)
08:50 What is Gala?
09:50 Phantasma (SOUL)
10:00 What is Phantasma?
12:58 Phatasma Price Development
13:45 Sandbox (SAND)
14:00 What is Sandbox
14:30 Is Life Becoming a Game?
15:05 Tethan Arena (THG)
15:59 Tethan Arena Price Development
17:10 What is a Good Game?
19:05 Are we Late?
20:00 Degen Recommendations
20:12 NFT Champions (CHAMP)
22:15 MonkeyBall (MBS)
22:35 What is Monkey Ball?
24:27 Launch Pad Tokens
24:45 Seedify (SFUND)
25:35 Seedify Price Development
25:50 GameFI (GAFI)
27:20 Launch Pads Best Opportunities
28:20 Kart Racing League (KRL)
29:45 KRL Price Development
31:20 Preview
32:00 #Afterbanter


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Crypto Gaming Altcoins

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