Technical Analysis is Hard (until you see this)

Technical Analysis Course. How to use Technical Analysis.
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0:00 Intro
0:07 Important terms to understand
0:12 What is price action
0:20 What is price support
0:26 What is price resistance
0:32 What is a trendline
0:40 What is a formation
0:50 What does bullish and bearish mean
0:57 Difference between long and short position
1:13 Market order vs limit order
1:37 Pick the best trading platform
1:48 Best crypto trading platforms
2:04 Best stock trading platform
2:36 How to think of technical analysis
4:30 Offer
4:50 How to read a candlestick graph
5:08 What do red and green candles mean
6:00 What do candlestick wicks mean
7:38 Technical analysis exceptions
8:14 What are trendlines in TA (in-depth)
9:46 How to use support and resistance lines
10:50 What is trading sideways
11:00 Trendline real-world example
11:40 What are formations in technical analysis
11:59 Common formation MISTAKE
12:55 What are continuation patterns
13:06 Wedge pattern & Pennant pattern
13:12 Flag pattern & Cup and handle pattern
13:27 Head and shoulders pattern
13:56 When to exit a trade
14:10 What is leverage in trading
14:50 What is spot trading
15:15 What is a trailing stop loss
15:54 Trading Volume – Not all trends are created equally
16:49 What is market cap and why does it matter
17:12 How to use RSI in trading
18:46 How to use moving averages in trading
19:56 Remember this rule!
20:24 Analysing a double bottom chart
21:00 Using EMAs
21:19 Set a reminder
21:37 Where to go from here

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