STOP SAVING MONEY! How To Invest In Crypto & Avoid The DOLLAR CRISIS | Robert Breedlove

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If you’ve been following the cryptocurrency and NFT conversation with us recently, you’ll appreciate this incredible conversation with Robert Breedlove, a freedom maximalist and bitcoin-focused entrepreneur. If you haven’t been following along, jump in now. This episode is less NFT and crypto wallet focused and more educational in that Robert breaks down inflation like very few can. Understanding something at its foundational level allows you to really think from first principles, which empowers you to make better decisions. Cryptocurrency is built on technology and Bitcoin has been performing like no other asset in history, but why and how is this possible? You may need to watch this a few times, and may be even better with pen and paper to take notes. This is a crash course and deep dive on money, inflation, what property is, and why assets matter.

Robert shares 5 properties of money:

• Divisibility
• Durability
• Recognizability
• Portability
• Scarcity

Resources mentioned in this episode:

WTF Happened in 1971:
Masters and Slaves of Money:
Dishonest Money:
Sovereign Individual:
Thank God for Bitcoin:


0:00 | Introduction Robert Breedlove
0:34 | Inflation and Fiat Explained
6:17 | Defining Money & Property
10:47 | Compromised Property Value
16:05 | Wealth Redistribution of Assets
23:59 | What is Money
26:16 | The 5 Properties of Money
33:51 | Central Banking Corrupt Power
40:13 | Counterfeit Inflation
48:32 | Life, Liberty and Property
56:48 | Bitcoin Absolute Scarcity
1:07:21 | Government Disruption
1:13:50 | Declining Power of Government
1:23:20 | Implication of Bitcoin
1:30:47 | Purchasing Power of Bitcoin
1:40:43 | Sovereign Individual Insights
1:48:30 | Decentralized NFTs & Crypto
1:51:03 | Thank God for Bitcoin


“Money is also a psycho technology. It’s like literacy or numeracy. It’s a software implementation we put into our brain, we use it to communicate, negotiate [and] plan.” [6:42]

“We typically think property is the house, the car, the stock, whatever. That’s not what property is, properties and relationships. It’s an exclusively acknowledged relationship between the owner and the asset”

“It contradicts the premise of self ownership, when we give power away to a single institution” [10:26]

“I like to say central banking, and the fiat currency complex is as clear as mud and twice as dirty.” [16:48]

“When we look at money, the five properties that market actors voluntarily favor, you could also think of as the five services we seek from money…” [26:16]

“When money is losing its value over time. We’re all incentivized to be more short term thinking. This is a de-civilizing force.” [39:07]

“There is no difference between counterfeiting and inflating the amount of dollars in the system.” [40:13]

“Inflation is legalized counterfeiting. Counterfeiting is criminalized inflation.” [43:33]

“We have tried to rationalize and formulate different ways of creating socio economic structures that favored the few that could understand it and create that privilege for themselves at the expense of others.” [56:35]

“Bitcoin is an innovation as significant as the Gutenberg printing press actually, and I think the implications of its emergence will be similarly disruptive to institutions in the world.” [1:10:07]

“When the institution tries to clamp down on the disruptive technology, the subversive technology, it actually drives it to its highest and most useful form of some subversion” [1:12:24]

“Another definition of money. It’s an insurance policy on uncertainty. The only reason people are holding money is for its option value.” [1:35:23]

“To walk across the room, implies that you value being on the other side of the room more than you value sitting where you currently are. So we are constantly and unavoidably expressing our values through action.” [1:55:22]

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