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  2. Title; are you ready to lose 30-50% of your account
    Video, price can go up or down, am not your financial advisor….🤣🤣🤣 sure you are not, you are crypto comedian,… be careful of anyone selling indicators

  3. I'm about ready to sell everything and wait for this huge recession everyone is talking about and then buy back in because I am not doing too well in this current situation

  4. So on your "hodl" account did you pull 20% from the market? Aka sold for a major loss but pulled 20% or are you talking your new account that you ADDED 50k? Hopefully your not recommending people to sell THEIR "HODL" account (20%) at an extreme loss to try your 'scalping" trades. Also you being up 3500 to 4500 on your new account was that DUE TO the "new indicator" or was that a play before that indicator?

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