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  1. It’s very necessary to research well inorder to invest well. One coin I am proud of and would definitely explode is $TAKE especially with its RealYield

  2. #HAMI is my first choice. It also has Decentralized Crypto Projects, which include NFT Marketplace, Decentralized Exchange, Launchpad, Token Generators, etc.

  3. Never forget United token too man🙌🏻 It's been far one of the most long term token I bought on whitebit because of their United Crypto Card.

    Still on lowcap but it's the best to buy in my opinion🙌🏻

  4. Ngl, most crypto are scams but the "Crypyo enthusiasts" think they're geniuses for putting money into えぇ coin

  5. Crypto isn’t about to explode, I don’t think the next big bull market will happen till 2024-2025 but this is the best time to stock up and wait for your portfolio to blow up in the next bull market.

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