Pawn Stars: TOP COINS OF ALL TIME (20 Rare & Expensive Coins) | History

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CA-CHING! Check out some of the rarest and most valuable coins and currencies that Rick, Corey and Chum have ever appraised in this digital exclusive mega-compilation. #PawnStars #RickHarrison
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  2. I don’t get how a nice one gets 200,000 and his which for the time was probably a good strike and it’s so old how dose is it only worth 1500. I think they definitely lied to that guy.

  3. Ouch! The Volatility Risk of Coins. The 1652New England Shilling (PCGS VG35)was sold in 2022 at Heritage Auctions for $204K. In two years these can easily go up or down $46k. It's certainly a rarity, too bad it couldn't hold for better marketability? Nobody has a crystal ball to know when that will be. These are all fascinating examples, TY for great video.

  4. 2020p emergency silver eagle ms66 ms67 ms68 are the rarest minted coin as seen by ngc. Greatest fraud ever. Will bring down a king for 16 pieces of silver

  5. LOVE when people think it’s worth so much and they get the truth, are jerks about it, and then get all huffy. The entitlement man, geez. The expert says it’s not worth what you think it is. Awesome to see spoiled brats get put in their place.

  6. I have some ancient Roman Coins. Where is the best place for me to go to find out what they are worth? I think some were around the time of Christ.

  7. I have a bronze coin from that era with a Roman soldier on it, not Julius Ceasar, but still a 2,000 year old coin. I can't get $20 for it if I included a hand job and an ice cream. They're still finding them in the ground by the thousands.

  8. He bought it for 75k hahaha haha he got bamboozled by someone who told him, that speel about the 1 dollar paper money getting 125k off the titanic 🤣

  9. 100k for 1895 Morgan dollar….hahaha must be smoking the good stuff, since he offered 40k, and that's a solid price to move it quickly… going to take a month to find the right buyer at 50k. No way he will get 100k, unless someone doesn't have a clue on what it's worth.

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