NFTs, Explained

Yes it’s hype. But it could change our world.
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About the Author: Virginia Cervantes


  1. I came here to find out what NFTs are and you're going on and on about the environment dude there is no crisis there. The crisis is not real. The global environment is fine. Even if it were in jeopardy, giving money to non profits is not how you would fix that anyway. You sound dumb. You were right about one thing. We want hype in things that have no hype or value just like global warming or climate crisis. Should be ashamed of yourself for grifting like that.

  2. #CifrisNFT is a new generation NFT marketplace which allows users to convert their goods and services into digital #NFT's, with an inevitable security system that prevents counterfeiting.

  3. If Blockchains are taking a lot of space in the server for recording every transactions then what is the current online banking is doing? isnt it taking the same lot of space in the server for recording every transactions.

  4. For those who are concerned about NFTs and art theft etc etc, Unfortunately, that's just life and the answer is not to ban or regulate …it's no different than China making knock offs of a product and banking off of it. The only difference is now regular "peasants " can find alternative means of making wealth, rather than only big banks and gov. Scamming the people out of their hard earned money. And the electricity "scare" being pushed is nothing short of pure nonsense to discourage the use. If they really gave two shits about the "carbon danger" than teslas would have alternators and solar panels but instead they want EVERYBODY plugging into a what? Yea…an outlet…which is what? Electricity.
    Just some food for thought

  5. Didn't NASA just admit that the are no global weather crisis and they have known this for 60 years? It's the sun.

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