NFTs, Blockchain and Crypto. Explained

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I had been meaning to talk about crypto and blockchain for a while now, and with the recent hype around NFTs, seemed like the perfect time. This video of course is not meant to be investment advice.

While this video was sponsored by RPM, they had no influence over the script.

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About the Author: Patricia Thomas


  1. And … crypto/nft value crashed, became hated for offering nothing for its implementation, etc

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  11. NFTs are a pointless exercise that'll only end up doing more damage than helping.

    Ex. Someone screenshots WIL's face, makes an NFT out of it, and then now 'owns' the picture, but none of the intellectual property of the subject of the photograph. Even then they can't sell the picture of WIL's face because he owns the rights to how his image is sold. So he can sue you if you try to sell an NFT of his face.

    It's really not that complicated, the only way these are actually worth something is there is some level of enforcement and general understanding of the process of NFTs by the government or some such.

    Unfortunately that's the process youtubers are going through now where video game streamers can't even stream the music from the game they're playing or they'll get a DMCA takedown, but imagine that process applied to memes, pictures, etc etc. The biggest beneficiaries would be the companies that can afford to buy up all that property and they'll use it against YOU. The little guy.

  12. Cryptocurrency and NFTS will outsmart the banking system in the nearest future serving as a global fiat. Already making over 85% profit from my current investment

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    It is really helpful to us traders,
    Investing in crypto is the best and fastest way of making money, but only few understood the secret of crypto currency.

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