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  1. You didn't do your research Kudos to FTX Exchange and its owner Sam and people lost thousands of dollars because of you in FTX Exchange. Do not promote people by taking money.

  2. Most people don't understand the difference between trading and investment, trading simply means exchanging (something) for something else, usually as a commercial transaction. When you buy at cost, you sell at a higher markup after your profit is made or convert it to your local currency. investment is an asset or item acquired for the purpose of generating income or appreciation. Valuation refers to an increase in the value of an asset over time. When a person buys a good as an investment, the intention is not to consume the good, but to use it in the future to create wealth. That's why expert Marilyn Sam has what it takes to get you over it for the future.

  3. "plans to donate his wealth to charity" ok man let e know when he actually does it. until that happens shut the ** up about it

  4. Kriptoda pasif gelirlerden kazanç elde eden birisi olarak piyasaların bu kadar düşmesi beni pek ilgilendirmiyor, içeride kalan arkadaşlara geçmiş olsun. Şuan değerlendirmek isterseniz GoldexPlus'ın %65 BUSD kampanyası var. 1 yatır 0.65 kazan

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  6. I afraid that CZ might be like SBF who supposed himself to be a generous millionaire guy, creating a good person image “charity.jpg”. Lol😂😂😂

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