Low Cost Altcoins That Could 1000x | 2021 Crypto Top Picks

Alt Coins are absolutely taking off right now, for those of you who said alt season is over, think again! In this video I highlight some Altcoins that could definitely 1000x within the next 3-5 years based on mass adoption and the changing landscape in the digital world. I understand that a lot of these alt coins will likely go nowhere, but my goal is to spread equity around to enough high potential speculative alt coins, that one will pay off even if the rest fail. Taking a lesson from the .com bubble ear and taking action the way they wish they did before.

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Video Chapters:
0:00​ – Intro
1:18 – Topic Intro
2:56​ – Fundamental Analysis
7:15​ – Technical Analysis Entries
10:17 – Altcoins Summary

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About the Author: Thomas Stubbs


  1. Nice video! I was able to build a big income stream during the covid-19 pandemic investing with a professional broker, Mrs Charlotte Payton.

  2. SGE seems to be a strong candidate for a low buy in. its cheap as heck right now and seems to constantly have news or community updates. Any thoughts?

  3. Can you please take a look at Polkadex (PDEX) ?

    It’s a multi-billion project with 100x potential !!!! 2 month left for the mainnet launch !!

    It’s the biggest DEX building on polkadot !!

    Huge companies backing the project 💰!!.

  4. Are these meant to be 1000x coins or 1000% coins?

    The title is 1000x, but you said 1,000% at 12mins 45….

    The difference between those two numbers is huge!!!

    1,000% is only 11x!

  5. Make a "NFT ART Finance" Prediction man! Its popping alot and we want your thoughts about it!🚀🚀🚀 Great upcomming Coin with big community inside NFT space! Dont miss out before launch!

  6. You post this 2 months ago and now check the prices of all these cryptoes are up…you are the best bro…I will apretiate it if you can make another latest video about these 1000x penny Altcoins

  7. Hi, I really enjoyed your video and your explanation, can I ask you what you think about mwBTC?? Lot of people says it's really a good project that will profit until 2000x. Let me know!

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