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About the Author: Virginia Hale


  1. Looks like Max was correct, UFO's staking DAPP was just released yesterday. Excellent entry price, and a brand new avenue to lock in Liquidity for UFO & Plasma Point rewards. I can't see there being any major sell offs when whales have a 2nd option to lock in their liquidity. I'd check it out if I were you, sooner than later.

    Weekly Gain: 35.98%
    24HR Gain: 9.19%

    Fomo is ramping up.

  2. Hi Max, love your content!
    Do you still think the coins mentioned in the video have great potential?

    Just wanted to clarify because the video came out around the peak of the last bull market.

  3. Staking Dapp is starting tomorrow, May 25th on $UFO. Dark Metaverse is about to start, good luck to everyone invested in this project 😎

  4. good projects. Please review Zombie World Z metaverse gamefi too. I played a month and see this really have potential like Metaverse, ROI 20days, many event ingame…

  5. MAKE YUR MOM PROUD🌹 Don't dine and dash !! Leave a tip !! CLICK πŸ‘ COMENT πŸ‘Œ SHARE πŸ₯‚

  6. metaverse nft Zombie World Z? game released 25th Mar, ROI 2-30 days. They created so many event, but best event is hunt boss, really fun. Now they start building metaverse mode, you can see their test VR video.

  7. On March 25, BSCStation has a pretty quality IDO project, MStation game (trend metaverse), the current community is more than 167K mem. Please consider researching this project on BSCStation, it's quite good for you to participate in plowing.

  8. About metaverse coming soon. Zombie World Z is one of best choice. Zwz will release 3/15, you can free to play and play to earn too, gameplay just only the best. Really good project, right? ..

  9. could Metaverse just something to mask the failure of Diem… they divert your attention… you take it all seriously…

  10. being that there are 25 trillion coins the best this could ever get to is 0.01 maybe which would be a market cap of 250 billion dollars in saying that thats still alot of gains from where it is now but its hard cuz those ETH gas fees are still so high lol

  11. The Anji Foundation

    With each swap, the development pool automatically grows. This ensures that the Anji Foundation can push adoption and development.

    Got questions on this? Share them below!

    #ANJI #AnjiEco #DeFi

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