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When it comes to finding the best crypto projects I really like to look at strong use cases in altcoins.

An industry within blockchain tech that does this very well is file storage.

Benefits of Blockchain Cloud Storage:

With traditional centralized cloud storage, if the provider of that storage gets hacked, all of your data is compromised, along with everyone else using that provider, and this does happen from time to time.
With decentralized cloud storage, this is basically a non-issue. Since users’ data is encrypted and decentralized, if one or two nodes are compromised, the data inside means nothing to the hacker because it’s just a piece, and any lost data can be recovered from other nodes.

Blockchain storage allows for a market-determined price that is fair and in line with actual demand. Like I said, 1/10th the price of Google…

Prevents File Loss
With Filecoin and Siacoin, since multiple copies of each shard of data are stored in the network, if something were to happen to a node holding your data, the network could replace the chunk it lost, meaning your data is virtually untouchable.

0:00 Intro
0:10 Crypto #1
0:52 How file storage cryptos work
2:35 RIP Me…
3:12 Crypto #2
4:14 How crypto #2 is different
4:55 Crypto #3
5:41 Why tho
6:27 Sorry grandma
6:43 Crypto #4
7:09 This animation took like 4 hours to make
7:45 Crypto #5
8:44 Benefits of blockchain storage

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