How to Use a Bitcoin ATM Machine – BitcoinDepot Review [WORKS IN 2022!]

How do you use a Bitcoin ATM machine and why would you even want to? Watch me perform an actual BitcoinDepot ATM transaction live! 👇

Visit to see if there’s a Bitcoin ATM machine in your neighborhood already!

Bitcoin Depot is stepping in with true brick & mortar ATMs from which you can purchase cryptocurrency! Now, to an established crypto user this may seem a bit curious, but to a crypto noob, this could very well be a game changer. It might not be the newest idea or the wildest technology in the blockchain industry, but it does bring something to the table which has been glaringly absent in the industry: ease of access for the average Joe. To me, the greatest barrier to adoption in the crypto space is misconceptions of difficulty, and this very well could help bring that wall crashing down!

Let me know in the comments below if there’s a Bitcoin ATM in your area and what you think about using them in general for some of your crypto transactions!

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