How to Buy/Sell Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin Without Any Fees or Commission

In this video, I discuss how to buy/sell cryptocurrency (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin) without any trading fees or commissions. Update: It is instead of gdax now.

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  1. You still have to deposit funds to buy the bitcoin, which you have to use coinbase for, incurring 4% funds. Fucking hell I'm sad 🙁 🙁

  2. Investing and trading on the new coins which has potential value to rise in no time in the future increases your chances of earning big gains and become rich with bitcoin, you have to understand something about bitcoin and not only believing in some of this videos that led you loosing your money at end. I invest my coins on a platform that increases my gains daily as the coin rise in crypto market. The platform uses a currency prediction mining tool to bypass all risk and also, the software has the ability to switch to next the coin if the value of the particular coin you invested/traded on goes low. Ethereum, Hextracoin, Siacoin, dashcoin and Dogecoin are currently high in value on the platform I invested my coins and has given me $10,000 gains/profit and have made my first withdrawal from the 2k i invested in two weeks. I advise you take advantage of these new coins and earn good profits on the rise. I can guide you to make good gains with my little experience from crypto market. Contact me if you are interested and I will provide you with the platform.

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  4. you can't get USD into GDAX unless through Coinbase so what's your point. You are still going to pay a premium. Yes, buying and selling with a limit order is no fees but that's after the GDAX is founded through CB so not free free.

  5. hey wolf, i need a bit of help. i'm trying to properly send a wire transfer from my chase bank account to coinbase. i pretty much have my recipient=coinbase information set up in my chase account. the only thing that is missing is the place to put in coinbase' wire transfer "reference number" . chase does not have a spot to place the reference number. the only option i see is to put it into the "Message to recipient" or "Message to recipient bank" fields.
    any help would be appreciated.

  6. Are you using a wallet on Gdax? If so which one, and once it's on the exchange, will the coin go in automatically or do you have to put the coin in/out manually each time?

  7. how long does it take for the currency to show up in your account after you made a "maker order" when someone buys it? bty thanks for the info

  8. I desperately need an answer to this question. I have about 1k in bitcoin sitting in my coinbase account and I have linked my bank account to put that money into. will I still get exorbitant fees doing this or is it only buying? basically I want to know the best way to get this 1k into my bank account with the least hoops to jump through. please help.

  9. found it partially helpful. Apart from the fact I cant find a way of getting my cash into the account. Coinbase will only let me buy BTC and GDAX wont let me do anything without funds

  10. I transfered the money from my bank to GDAX now have to wait 4 days before I can buy. Or I can go to Coinbase and secure my purchase now but pay the 1.49% plus the 50 basis points they always charge me. Evidently you can't use your coinbase funds to but ETH or LTC. Both of these systems suck ass.

  11. Great video btw!! So I guess coinbase and gdax are parent companies,and that is the reason for the need to open a Coinbase account first? Is that right? Thx.

  12. FYI I just verified with GDAX that you're charged a taker fee if your stop order is triggered. So unless you're trading without a stop you'll incur fees. I scalp .5% or so at a time, so a .25% take fee kills the deal for me.

  13. What is GDAX? If Coinbase is the exchange, I don't understand what it means to "transfer coins to GDAX. Is it a second exchange? And if so, and you have your money on there are you exposing yourself to the same risks associated with leaving your coin on any other exchange?

  14. This is not instantaneous! You're not going to get your coins immediately like when you purchase from a credit/debit card…..

  15. I hate these videos where the presenter knows what he's talking about, so he thinks he is being clear on his explanation. Case in point, no one goes to buy 1 or 2 or 3 bitcoins. You go with say $500 and try to buy what you can with that. How do you go about it then? Seems like you have to start calculating the decimal value of bitcoin for $500 before the market price changes. So you would name your limit price and what the decimal number of bitcoin is for $500…. before the market changes or you'll have money left over or not enough. Something like that.

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