How To BEST Predict Crypto Prices and Recognize Trends

Today I will be teaching you about predicting crypto prices and finding future crypto trends. Correctly forecasting crypto prices allows you to greatly increase your earnings, but there are a lot of things you must master before you are able to do this. Combining technical analysis, fundamental analysis, and sentimental analysis is a great place to start. I’ll give you some ideas on the best tools to use when making cryptocurrency predictions and which ones will give you that special advantage.

Crypto investment and trading are like a game in which winning or losing is determined based on market factors like demand and price. These factors sometimes have to be determined quickly, even in a matter of minutes, or even in a few seconds. Things in the crypto world move fast. You must be prepared for this when performing your crypto research in order to predict future cryptocurrency prices and recognize trends.

0:00 – Intro
0:47 – Knowing the rules
1:20 – Bullish and Bearish
2:47 – Ways to analyze Market Price
4:38 – Candlesticks
5:59 – Other tools you need
7:29 – Outro

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  1. I've seen a TON of videos explaining this exact thing, but feel like knowing how markets work doesn't make you a better trader, is there something someone like me DOESN'T know from the sea of videos simply explaining "how trading works" and "what a candlestick chart is" ?

  2. I use my bitcoin wallet as like.. a savings account. ill put money into it and won't touch it unless I absolutely need it. if its down I only lose a few bucks but if its up I gain a lot.

  3. A year after you taped this and it is still helping people to understand how to read the charts. Thank you
    One thing, since crypto trades 24 hours a day when is the opening and closing bell or hours?

  4. crypto price can not really be predicted as it doesnt relay on chart, but on buyers, trends, interest. Its like doge coin, nobody took it seriously but it became a trend and a lot of smart dumbasses made a lot of money by it. They relay on whats trendy and what will make them money. I dont say that charts are waste of time, i think they are good but combined with looking for trends will really help you!!!!

  5. I have a question, would; for example, a new Spider-Man movie or a new COVID 19 wave change the crypto market?9

  6. Thanks for your video! Can you please do a review of Galaxy Panda? I'm looking forward to this one

  7. The video was descriptive but totally deviated from the title of the video i.e. "How To BEST Predict Crypto Prices and Recognize Trends
    ". It did not have a single useful knowledge about the real thing i.e. predicting the price

  8. That was such a great discussion. You covered every question I had in mind. I learned a lot, thank you!

  9. I will never forget the date the time the hour and the minutel I meet scolaryhack00 on telegram the man that changed my life,from grass to grateful

  10. I will never forget the date the time the hour and the minutel I meet scolaryhack00 on telegram the man that changed my life,from grass to grateful

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