How Does DRS Work? | F1 TV Tech Talk |

DRS is such an important part of F1, but do you know the science behind it? Join Rosanna Tennant and Albert Fabrega for an in-depth look.

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About the Author: Javier Parris


  1. Thanks for the tips, I'm running my DRS on my fiesta made with milk plastic jugs and operated with bungee cord.
    Should give me 30% of drag force advantage

  2. Anymore on air technology on Formula could be develop similiar on DRS but its place on velg,blade velg whell that could add air into inside that could change anything needs,,downforce,compresion/pressure engine,engine cooler radiator,,but not much significant than transmision (gear ratio/speed summary) development,,thanks,,hhe

  3. Its my first time watching F1 race as my country Singapore is hosting this big event. And i heard a lot of term like "DRS", i google it and research it, found this video that explained how it works. Really clever how people can create such thing. 👏

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