How Do Mercedes Fix The W14? | Tech Talk |

The 2023 season hasn’t started the way eight-time champions Mercedes wanted, but is it as simple as changing their unconventional sidepod design? Sam Collins takes a look in F1 TV Tech Talk.

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  1. They don’t fix it they make upgrades but nothing will compete and they drop down the order here is what a lot of people don’t want to admit especially fans but Mercedes can not compete yet under the cost cap they don’t know how yet they are used to spending and spending to have the best car and probably spending to grease a few wheels along the way we all know every team does it don’t be act surprised but Mercedes just doesn’t know how to get the best out of the cost cap they have to work with it’s the same with Ferrari the big teams are used to having all the money in the world to do this unlike teams like Williams and HAAS and the mid pack it also depends who designs their cars Mercedes lost a lot of employees to other teams Red Bull has newey and it goes on and on if the cost cap had not been implemented it would be much the same as it was before merc and Ferrari at the top with Red Bull scrambling in their coat tails

  2. This British accent, his voice and whatever else really puts me to sleep listening to this unfortunately!

  3. Obviously not as well as they used to since giving up those engineers to Redbull a few years ago. That's when Mercedes problems stopped getting fixed. Who did they lose?

  4. Something that seems to be overlooked is the the side pods can deliver more air to the rear wing to produce more downforce, if designed properly! In addition, adding an aero/winglet to the front of the floor will improve ground effect which contributes to more downforce as well!

  5. As Sam does his usual stellar job talking tech to the common man, even the barest of tech savvy F1 fans realize this also shows that MB AMG is 12-18 months behind everyone else. They can say they’re bringing new [fill in the blank] to [fill in the blank] race, but without proper testing afforded in the pre-season, they’ll simply be testing next years car this year. Throwing another year down the drain.

    “Fix your ****ing car.” – Chris Horner

  6. Sam talking openly about an F1 car up close in the pitlane… Thinking back to Ecclestone's times, less than a decade ago, when people could get blocked for posting track footage online… what a beautiful era we live in 😉 Thanks Sam, great content as always !

  7. Mercedes can't handle the cost cap. They can make a fast car with unlimited budget for sure but these times are gone. They'll don't come back for next 2 years.

  8. Would be so ironic when Mercedes cheat by exceeding the cost cap. What goes around comes around. Can't wait

  9. Poor Sam and British media. They would work for free to improve the car if they could. They are desparate to help their favourite "British" team. Biased British media . Glad to see other teams are smashing mercedes

  10. They won’t, not until they bring in full side pods. Nobody likes to admit they’ve made a mistake. And what a mistake to make.

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