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Fulanito compra bitcoin. La moneda digital que está causando alegrías y llantos estas semanas llega a las manos de Fulano.

Casi Creativo, canal de vídeos animados, algunos entretenidos, algunos interesantes.
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  1. 100% Facts. Bitcoin is the modern day pig in a poke. It is a worthless string of ones and zeros that has a fancy shared encrypted hash. It is sold by word of mouth by silver tongued silver haired con men. They say there is a buying frenzy but what that means there is a selling frenzy as for every coin bought one is sold. It is a con pyramid scheme that is worthless and every pyramid scheme in history has collapsed after those that got in early have become very rich. End of story and end of bitcoin. The algorithm billionaire want muggles to say " I'll show this old fool." You will lose another 10 billion between you mark my words.

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