Ethereum: A Realistic Price Prediction for this Market Cycle

Often times I see price predictions of Ethereum for this market cycle thrown around, but in many cases, the prediction does not make sense in light of the market capitalization of Bitcoin or even a predicted future market capitalization of Bitcoin. One number I have seen that seems somewhat absurd is $50,000. However, there really is no evidence to support that Ethereum can make it to $50k this market cycle (though maybe the following market cycle). In this video we take a pragmatic view of the market and make realistic price predictions for Ethereum based on a lot of governing factors. Not only do we look at the valuation of ETH in USD, but also in BTC. We will see where this market cycle takes us, but do not be surprised if we get a local top with a cool-down phase, before later trending much higher. Let me know in the comments where you think the price of Ethereum is headed this market cycle!

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Disclaimer: The information presented within this video is NOT financial advice.


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About the Author: Sara David