Earning $2000 A MONTH?! Staking Cryptocurrency | Passive Income W/ NRG and Crypto Earn

We are earning over $60 dollars a day, or about $2000 dollars a month in passive income with cryptocurrency because we are staking coins! Subscribe to VoskCoin here! – http://voskco.in/Sub
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Learn how we are earning over $60 a day and over $1,800 dollars a month staking Energi NRG cryptocurrency coins on their Energi 3.0 platform here – https://voskcointalk.com/t/staking-energi-nrg-3-0-earning-60-a-day-1-800-a-month-in-cryptocurrency/563

Learn how we are using Crypto Earn to stake popular cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tezos, Chainlink, MCO, and CRO along with the $50 code here – https://voskcointalk.com/t/get-50-in-cryptocurrency-just-for-signing-up-with-crypto-com/577

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There are countless ways to earn passive income online, and earning passive income with cryptocurrency is one of the most lucrative options right now! Bitcoin, cryptocurrencies, and blockchains are ushering in the next financial revolution and they enable unique methods of earning easy money online from home. Currently, we are staking Energi NRG and on their Energi 3.0 platform, this is pretty easy. We set up a dedicated server to simply help run their decentralized network and blockchain, and in exchange for doing that along with holding their coins, we are randomly rewarded with more coins! This reward mechanism is called proof of stake, and all users staking on their network are basically competing with each other to earn more coins. We are also using CryptoCom’s Earn platform to stake several different cryptocurrencies, their CryptoCom coin, CRO has a very high interest rate, and you’ll need some MCO in order to unlock the best benefits with their platform. They payout their staking interest rewards weekly, and you can even sell coins directly for USD right in their app!

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  1. A friend passed me this information but it seems above my paygrade. I have too many questions and the first obviously is what is the initial buy/deposit to start with?

  2. Your introduction was really interesting. We run a podcast and one of our panelist 'Sam' told us how he was able to start his business using profit he earned through crypto trading.

    We recorded his story as well: https://youtu.be/-FsbZPf26kI

    Keep making such videos… we really enjoy it!

  3. i'm glad I got into crypto when I did because it’s been a turning point for me financially,been my best decision so far

  4. I just got started, lol all these comments are impressive. Check all their YouTube accounts. They are all-natural, which shows that Tech Farms Hosts are legit companies. I even logged on and had a few chats with their online service consultant, I was educated by them, and I got started with their investment plans. It is really worth it. Thank you all.

  5. nice video please can someone help on how to start an investment with crypto , i need an expert trader that i can invest with and I don't understand how it really works. Can someone guide me on the right approach to invest and make good profit from bitcoin and stocks investment

  6. I'm impressed with the thoroughness and professionalism exhibit by this team, particularly their depth of knowledge, focus, integrity and attention to details make us very comfortable doing Bitcoin investment with them!!!!

  7. I'm impressed with the thoroughness and professionalism exhibit by this team, particularly their depth of knowledge, focus, integrity and attention to details make us very comfortable doing Bitcoin investment with them!!

  8. great video mate .. keep it up .. thansk for your hard work gettging all the great information out to everyone .😊

  9. Have you heard the word? The Wonk Coin has just launched Charlie and the Chocolate factory are working with new high tech computers producing a currency that gives millions the chance to become millionaires lets gooo !!!!

  10. Liquid staking on StaFi is way better as it unlocks your staked assets. It covers a variety of coins like ETH, DOT, KSM, ATOM, BNB, FIS, and MATIC.

  11. Liquid stake on StaFi ETH, BNB, SOL, KSM, ATOM, and MATIC for a higher APY and rewarded tokens that unlock your staked assets. It's a better way of staking.

  12. Great vide 👊🏻 I’m always skeptical when they say “withdrawals are blocked while upgrading platform”. Has this been resolved so that you can realise your profits?

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