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There is more than one way to approach the stock market, and many different schools of thought exist on how to best make money buying and selling securities. One such method that often gets a lot of attention is day trading.

On one hand, day trading is lauded as the best way to get rich quick. On the other hand, there are countless warnings about the dire risks of day trading. In this video I’ll compare the benefit and risks of day trading to long term investing Rule #1 style.

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  1. I'm curious! Who has tried day trading before? I gave it a shot and man I blew it, long term investing is much more my speed. For more help investing, download this handy free checklist:

  2. This was brilliantly put together. I’ve been following your videos for months now and with professional help, I’m making outstanding progress with my trades and investments.

  3. shut the duck up I hate when people talk bad about something they don't do. your friend averages 1000 a day, real day traders wipe their ass with that, everything in life is a gamble opening a business, getting married, long term investing in compies is gambling the same as the short term. You want to be safe "go work at fucking McDonald's because that's where you belong"

  4. I have been having a uphill task to explain to my son about the pros and cons discussed here. This video has been very helpful. Now I want sufficuent examples to drive the idea home

  5. I prefer long term investing… I always use the Real Estate model just like Donald Trump and Robert Kiyosaki. Use the stocks and Cryptos to generate cash 💸 flow.

  6. Day trader is the way to go ! Made me retire! I just trade SPY 100-300 shares and sell after 1-2 hours .

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