Cryptocurrecy news: Buterin vs Lubin . SEC vs Federal Court. US crypto advance – Apple presentation

Cryptocurrecy news: Buterin vs Lubin . SEC vs Federal Court. US crypto advance – Apple presentation with Nakamoto Jedi Crypto Bitcoin News :

NakamotoJedi has been looking forward to sharing the latest crypto news with you, guys!

Just guess what is the situation on the market – right, it goes on falling. And this lead to the debates concerning the future of bitcoins between such prominent crypto figures as Vitalik Buterin and Joseph Lubin. Whom do you support? Write in the comments!

And recently, we’ve found one trustworthy expert who is going to share some btc predictions with Luis and NakamotoJedi crypto community! Hurry up to see it!

SEC never has a moment’s peace – it’s constantly banning, and banning, and banning. This time even the federal court is milder than SEC. The case refers securities regulation in US, and it has become a great advance in US policy.

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The blockchain news is very pleasing in Canada and China. While Canada is founding the Bitcoin Fund, China plans to use blockchain technology in judicial proceedings.

Hey, the NakamotoJedi’s quest will start next Monday already. Stay attentive and watch the Friday’s episode to get the details. The winner will be rewarded – NakamotoJedi’s word is his bond.

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00:11 Apple’s presentation
00:48 The episode’s preview
01:28 Market update
01:45 Buterin foretells the cryptocurrency future
02:11 Joseph Lubin’s optimism
02:47 Luis interviewing a leading crypto expert
03:31 Predictions of Nasdaq stock exchange
04:09 SEC: exchange-traded notes
04:27 Bitcoin Fund in Canada
04:38 China: blockchain in the court
04:55 Musicians support cryptocurrencies
05:16 Crypto coins giveaway by LA Dodgers
05:49 eSport as alternative to traditional sport
06:25 US securities law soon implied
07:18 Review of CoinsBank Blockchain Cruise Mediterranean 2018
10:30 Conclusion: giveaway

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