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2022 has been the WORST YEAR ON RECORD for ‘buying the dip’ in almost 100 years. According to The Wall Street Journal, “The S&P 500 has dropped 1.2% on average this year, in the week after a one-day loss of at least 1% – That is the biggest such decline since 1931.”

This paints the VERY REAL picture that – there WILL be years of losing money – there WILL be entire DECADES where the stock market trades completely flat – and, that’s perfectly normal. In fact, the market trades NEGATIVE 25% of the time…and, the AVERAGE decline of a BEAR MARKET RECESSION is 35% over a period of 495 days, of which, would’ve provided a FANTASTIC buying opportunity for those who aren’t sitting out of the market and continue buying normally.


When we look at the OVERALL PICTURE of Congress, in terms of how their stock picks perform, they do decently well.

MarketSentiment found that, over one month, their stock picks beat the SP500 by an average of .12%…over a quarter, they beat that benchmark by 1.34%…and, through the end of the experiment…their stock picks outperformed by almost 6%.

However, even though they have a MAXIMUM of 30 days to publicly report each trade….the MEDIAN disclosure is made at day 28, and the AVERAGE is at day 52…meaning, almost everyone waits until the last possible minute for their information to be made public, while some even report LATE and get hit with a $200 penalty.

As a result, one proposal is currently in the works that would enact “a stock trading ban for “senior government officials,” which would result in all high ranking officials being “prohibited from investing in securities, commodities, futures, cryptocurrency and other similar investments …and be banned from shorting stocks. 

Now, LOGISTICALLY, it would be a nightmare to ACTUALLY enact – that’s why, I think a BETTER SOLUTION, would simply REQUIRE that all stock trades be announced 48 hours in advance. On top of that, the failure-to-file penalty should be increased to an amount that DISCOURAGES any late filings from happening in the first place.

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