Clayton Morris of Redacted | What Edward Snowden Just Said About Bitcoin

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NSA Whistleblower Edward Snowden just spoke out about Bitcoin’s biggest problem.

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About Clayton Morris:
Clayton Morris is a news host and real estate investor. Clayton currently co-hosts Redacted together with his wife, Natali Morris. As president of Morris Invest, Clayton helps investors earn passive income through rental real estate with the goal of achieving long-term wealth for their families. Clayton’s Financial Freedom Academy shares the methods he has learned over the years about reaching financial freedom by producing passive income. In his podcast, Investing in Real Estate with Clayton Morris, he elaborates on the experiences that led to his financial philosophies and successes, focusing on how to build a meaningful life.


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  1. Just think about this aspect,if the fed does go on a digital currency not only do they know every aspect of are financial habits but other country's will because we all know no might how secure the think they can make the digital world someone will hack it so now it becomes a might of security,sovereignty, with the hacking of said spying agency the tools to backdoor of any digital system are open.

  2. You want to watch me that's fine you confront me you're dead. You can watch a lion from a distance but if you get close to him he'll shred you to pieces

  3. This is a redundant question. Nothing u do online is ever private. Is it safe? From what? If u are doing nothing illegal then yes. If u are then I'm sure the government can find out… They are probably already doing it themselves.

  4. Snowden will end up being a hero a discovered what I discovered in 1964 in Washington DC the whole United States government is crooked the stock market is crooked it is all been manipulated by oligarchs around the world such as Soros the Queen of England listen folks this guy is going to turn out to be a hero Donald Trump is the biggest hero you folks are in for one hell of a ride if you don't know what's coming and I ain't got time to explain it to a bunch of idiots but it is sure going to be huge and biblical

  5. Allowing them to do what their doing to Snowden makes cowards out of us what a surprise baaah baaah this is disgraceful

  6. The government has planned to over reach into all aspects of our lives…and it is bei g confirmed and exposed….now what do we…nothing…

  7. Snowden said the CIA killed Elvis. Presley. He was murdered by injection but the mob did it. Elvis knew the food that was sent to him might be tainted and he threw it away. Vernon and Elvis were family friends.

  8. Now my question is, why is Snowden getting so much air time.
    Where Julius of WikiLeaks is locked up and doesn't even get to go to court anymore.

    There is something funny about Snowden because he should be censored in this country.
    Cuz what makes Snowden different than Julius besides being locked away and not seeing Court since last January.

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