China's Digital Currency Will Change EVERY Bank in the World

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China is the world leader in digital currency and in today’s video we explore how China’s digital yuan will impact the future of banking and global trade.
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About the Author: James Hardin


  1. 工t's the most exciting lesson I've learned recently from the west.
    Who are you ?
    Are you Canadian or American ?
    Thanks a lot !
    I will keep watching!
    God bless!

    Dr. Lap.

  2. What's next social credit , it's sad that most people don't know the money system is scam it's sad we humanity have to go along with it until most people wake up to the Truth.

  3. I will give you an example to didn't touch on. Wars in the future will be fought by cyber attacks. Every country goes digital and a country gets attacked through cyber attack and people can't access to their government controlled funds. The government can't figure it out and a week goes by and people can't buy food or medicine. Kind of scary, and who would ever want to follow China's lead, we all know how that country operates.

  4. That line about privacy for china's digital currency is BS. Even with decentralized digital currencies now you have to verify kyc (know your customer) which requires state or federal id with a matching selfie and address. Used to not be that way until the government got involved regardless of what end of the pond it's on. Oh, and china also has digital passports now, and if they don't like you because you want to revolt against their dictator they shut your passport off and you can't even get a bus ride.

  5. This is all good but when the digital currency LIMITS your purchase on certain items, they now control you.

  6. This is possible if you have good 4g or 5g. Do you know that my WiFi hangs in central London whenever there's peak train times ? That's central London in UK, supposedly a first world country

  7. **Amazing video and thank you for breaking it down!!Despite the economic downturn, I'm so happy😊I have been earning $ 60,000 returns from my $7,000 investment every 12days

  8. China has a digital currency they also have a social scoring system so yes they absolutely can decide whether you can or can’t eat at McDonald’s because of your weight.

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