Buying Every Crypto Currency (Again)

What happens if you buy every cryptocurrency on the binance exchange? Well last Saturday I decided to give it a go to see what the return on investment would be like after a week. From Bitcoin, ethereum, dogecoin and even some crazy coins like bitcoin diamond. Spiff purchased $10 of each individual coin. Now we here at the spiffing brit love to exploit systems so why not exploit crypto as a whole by just purchasing every coin and waiting for one of them to take off. I expected most of the coins to make a minor loss but I did not expect or predict what happened to one coin in particular…

So join me on my adventure of buying every crypto and discover what happened after 5 months in the ultimate showdown of spiffs investments VS elon musk committing market manipulation. THIS VIDEO IS A JOKE AND SHOULD NOT BE TAKEN SERIOUSLY! No I dont love crypto, No I dont hate crypto, I love tea and thats all I care about.


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Referal Links for if you also want to lose money:
I get 41% you get 0%:
I get 21% you get 20%:

What you have seen here today is part of a fantastic perfectly balanced series on youtube where I go from game to game and break them with wacky exploits to gain things like unlimited gold. If you enjoyed this then be sure to check out more. The style is similar to RT game and callmekevin in parts. A large influence on this series has come from Valefisk and The Killian Experience.

So sit back relax and enjoy this Buying every crypto challenge! Amazingly we hit boat on the shiba inu coin going to space but who knows maybe all we need for this money exploit is not a pile of altcoins but instead xrp and vechain.

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