Bitcoin vs Gold: The Great Debate with Michael Saylor and Frank Giustra

It’s the showdown that everyone has been waiting for. Gold financier Frank Giustra versus MicroStrategy CEO Michael Saylor in the ultimate gold vs bitcoin battle. Our Daniela Cambone moderates.

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About the Author: Harold Cobbs


  1. Coming back to this one just under 2 years from air date….
    The proof is the price. Frank was wrong. (I was they were both correct, but Saylor was correct).

  2. Anything that is difficult to understand the value, is a scheme on purpose. Bitcoin is a scheme. It isn't real and it had value assigned to it by marketing and manipulating people's perceived value… like our current FIAT money. Gold on the other hand is easy to understand.

  3. The unearned (often abused) TRUST that we have been essentially forced to grant banks, is no longer a workable option now that there is an alternative, a solution, that empowers billions.

  4. Now I’m just a nobody but I do have a theory! The ONLY reason the government hasn’t banned and jailed people for buying Bitcoin IS BECAUSE THEY ARE IN THE GAME THEMSELVES AND USING ALL THEIR BITCOIN TO BUY GOLD!

  5. Great show as usual! Not only has Russia tokenize gold, on blockchain. Other coins have also done the exact same. I personally choose glint, where you can spend your physical gold on a card. In uncertain times I tend to go with the tried-and-true. You can spend physical go without having to carry around bricks, LOL. It is quite simple, and it is not tied to tether. And doesn't matter what currency we have, the next one has to be back to buy gold, and precious metals to be trusted. Bitcoin is a direct threat to Sovereign currencies, and no sovereign country well allow and another currency to undermine their currency.

  6. 1. Blockchain is resistant to anarchy. Blockchain IS order by science.
    2. People that dont understand the value of blockchain dont understand the meaning of value.

  7. The fin-Markets have underperformed the U.S. economy as fear of inflation hammers the prices of stocks and bonds. My $400,000 portfolio is down by approximately 25%, any recommendations to scale up my returns before will be highly appreciated.

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