Bitcoin Q&A: Will Governments Ban Cryptocurrencies?

Will governments or international government organisations implement their own centralised cryptocurrencies and ban the mining or ownership of open decentralised ones like Bitcoin? If your government is against freedom of association, expression, commerce, innovation, job creation, is it a democracy? Are you free? You must resist, not only through your choices about which governments get elected but about using alternative systems. People in places like Venezuela are making that choice every day, breaking the law to feed their family. This is a much bigger issue than Bitcoin or cryptocurrencies.

0:00 Will Governments Ban Cryptocurrencies?
0:36 Do you think mining will be controlled or banned in China?
1:18 I heard this fantastic story of how Chinese companies are exiting money from the economy
2:16 You will see banning of crypto on some countries
4:14 What will happen in the future when bitcoin becomes mainstream and the government decides to create their own crypto and they make it a rule to use their coins and illegal to use the others?

The first question is from a talk which took place on December 3rd 2016 at the Coinscrum {MiniCon}, hosted by Imperial College in London, England:

Watch the full talk here:

The second question is part of a talk which took place on July 7th 2017 at a Bloktex event hosted by the Wisma BeeOn Group in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia:

Watch the full talk here:

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