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  1. โ€œI am no financial advisorโ€ then please, do the world a favor and shut the fuck up, Jesus Christ

  2. Oh man why'd you take on Stansbury Research… I'd take Pomp over them any day. They aren't even a name in crypto. Stansbury… Ugh. ๐Ÿคฎ

  3. Most follow only a hype and then they are disappointed when it is over!
    I prefer to follow a good project in that you can still make decent profits and not everyone knows it befor BO0o.o0OM!!
    A secret and really cool project is the CREBELLION with Merebel and Crebel coin (crypto rebellion)!

    good luck guys

  4. For all the time of trading here didnโ€™t notice any fraudulent actions. This is how I want it. I send coins on HitBTC from a personal crypto wallet. In general, no complaints.

  5. This is not a reputable company. The charge comes out of Singapore. I requested my money back and got an email saying I would be refunded, but the refund never showed up. They have not responded to any emails since then.

  6. You buy crypto from and link it to your bank account. If you want other alt coins buy them with bitcoin off of If you want to print a paper wallet to store bitcoin create it at There ya go saved you 50 bucks from someone trying to make money off of you when all the information is free on the internet you shouldn't have to pay to learn how to use bitcoin.

  7. After about 1 year of dedicated research I would suggest BUY and HOLD , the MIGHTY BITCOIN will peak around 250 k USSA currency .

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