Big Crypto is Preparing for Total Collapse….

Crypto Crash. Recession. Market Crash. Crypto Mass Firing.
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Something strange is happening in crypto.. Sure The market is shrinking, prices are plunging, and major players are blowing up.

But I’ve started to wonder if there’s something more we don’t understand
I feel like we hit a kind of bottom in the market.. yet every week another company is laying off even more people..

What’s going on here? Do these companies know something we don’t? And what do mass layoffs say about the health of the industry and the future of crypto? I needed to find out.

The losses of the last year – in profits, jobs, and you know, whole companies, are reason enough to ask the question, is this the Cryptocalypse? Like, is this the absolute end of Crypto for ever and ever?

Crypto Crash
Should I buy crypto right now
Crypto News
Crypto Mass Firing
Market Crash

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  1. 2015 was the beginning of the end. By the time mainstream becomes aware of it, that's when the trend is not far off ending.

  2. Only 10% of the minting tokens will be sent to the team wallet which is locked for 2 years from the start of the project

  3. I think that there is a new coin will appear. It will be encrypted with AI and every other one will be useless as they are at this moment are not usable for global market transactions (well, maybe they will survive for day or two). And why does you think that AI won't hack anything that is not protected by another AI that has to be trained all the time to protect against another one? It is a simple and logical conclusion.

  4. this dude is a one man team for making this video because schools/universities makes students do a research like this which most students are struggling with

  5. With the continuing uncertainty due to war in eastern europe and no end in sight, it's hard to tell if the worst is yet to come or not.

  6. "what's the loss of a 'few' workers for the sake of a company's 'legacy'"… And it's that kinds of throw away lines about the disastrous behavior of employers that is making me increasingly cynical about capitalism

  7. Uh….nowhere NEAR THE BOTTOM. The Fed is the key. Period, full stop. Ironically, crypto needs the Fed to bail it out.

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