Best Cryptocurrency Wallets of 2022 (in 2 minutes)

Best overall (hardware wallet) – 1. Ledger Nano X:
Most affordable (hardware wallet) – Trezor One:
Most beginner friendly (software wallet) – Exodus:

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  1. CAUTION!! Many scammers are using the comment section to promote their scams and sometimes even use the name “99Bitcoins” in their profile. Never send money to someone you don’t know and don’t accept offers to trade or exchange cryptocurrency from strangers.
    Stay safe 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

  2. None of them are reliable or endorsed by major blockchain companies…if they don't endorse them there must be a reason.

  3. Buy some Safemoon Inu asap… This is the best mathematics crypto investment for This year and next year too.

  4. I'm new to cryptocurrency and don't understand how it really works. Can someone show me the right approach to investing and making good profits from cryptocurrency investments

  5. do I need to make kyc when I buy crypto wallet like trezor or ladger? and if no, does cryptowalets providers match my public key with my personal details like name, address, ip… ???

  6. Attention!! very complicated usage. Money transfer 1 week. Hidden
    cost,.Online Money Trap.Hands off. COINBASE WALLET is even worse.

  7. You're right, Investing should be at the
    top of every wise individuals list because after a few years you'd be ecstatic with the
    decision you've Made.

  8. The world is really taking a new shape in Technology, Digital currency are talking over every part of the world.

  9. Stay away from Ledger devices I lost over $12,000 because their support was not available to respond to my query about a transaction failure message I received on my device, the help widget on their support page was switched off. I switched to a Trezor.

  10. All the other vids like 15 min plus with allot of blah blah blah thanks for being quick! I wasnt even oaying attention and have to watch it again because I assumed the shameless plug

  11. If you don’t trust your exchanges custodial wallet, why would you trust exodus’ wallet which has no transparency at all? This video came across like you were a complete shill for exodus.

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