A New World Reserve Currency | MAJOR CHANGES EXPLAINED

The new world reserve currency explained:
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Here I want to explain how the creation of the new world reserve currency from the BRICS nations will affect investor portfolios: stocks, real estate, and crypto


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  1. Hey Andrei Jikh, pretty sure that the monument on 1:08 is in the Ukrainian capital Kyiv, and definitely not in russia. I understand that you are russian and russia is conducting an invasion of Ukraine, but Kyiv was successfully defeated. Just heads up.

  2. I don't want to sound apocalyptic or religious, but this is interesting since the current events are not far from what the Bible states. I purely believe the book of Revelations does not pertain to the dollar but another currency in the end of times. I do support that new currency that will emerge but I guess I won't live to see the day that it will reign.

  3. China is our enemy right. Seems the Bidens don’t think so. You don’t give your manufacturers base to your enemy. And leave America weak.

  4. He makes the joke/comment in his Russian accent, "Yes no oil for you". Really it is the Germans saying, "yes, you must not give us oil because we are punishing you".

  5. I think the main problem lies with people having disproportionate wealth, asset and resources, which can lead to tribalism that may macrocosm into a global scale warfare without interlocked measures. Interlocked measures that ensures everything is in a state of gradual movement towards the global collective individual "homeostasis", versus the present push & pull that could bringhforth black swans that may result into societal stagnation & extinction. Hopefully the global powers equilibrate so that we may have a more singular form of resource organization, while retaining human individuality integrated upon the human collective, moving towards a resource-based utopian future.

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