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  1. Getting rich off crypto is much tougher than it seems. I keep losing money while trading with these youtub videos, and finding a trustworthy professional trader to help out with these trades also appears to be nearly impossible. This is extremely annoying😞😞😞

  2. mother of god. this guy literally shills everything at the pico top. like imagine projecting such confidence when you must know you are an actual charlatan

  3. I can unequivocally say that crypto trading is one of the most profitable and lucrative business for every investors with the right expert.

  4. Crypo currency and NFTs will outsmart the banking system in the nearest future serving as a global fiat. Already making profit from my current investment. Thanks to you Mrs Judith Callen.

  5. Alex quick question. When you take your profits how do you usually do that? Do you swap to something more conservative like ETH, use a stable coin like USDC, or do you just balance your portfolio and swap to other coins you like such as ADA(just kidding!)?

  6. I think it is more likely for BTC to retest the resistance to the upside and then move lower. But as always, things change on a daily basis and all we can do is to trade responsibly and keep track of the markets and re-evaluate our strategies frequently. I want to thank you Mr Ryan Donald. For being my source of crypto education, As I am comfortably making 9.5 BTC.

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