Understanding The Rise And Fall Of FTX, FTT And Alameda Research | Forbes

The fall of FTX and Sam Bankman-Fried revealed holes in the crypto space that industry peers, the media, and government officials either chose to overlook or refused to question further. Underneath FTX’s successful veneer was a fragile ecosystem led by young, ambitious founders determined to move mountains under the guise of Effective Altruism – an academic and social movement geared around maximizing wealth redistribution. But as Bankman-Fried’s operation continues to unravel and more damaging information comes to light – what is in store for the future of cryptocurrency, and is the loss in public trust irreversible?

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  1. We are already in the big crash , inflation is a catastrophe. This CPI report is a colossal failure. To bring the housing market to a halt,the FED will have to pull all the stops . The unfortunate issues is that the other market are being decimated. If you want to stay green ,you have to rely on a lot of diversification.
    Currently up 15% and being carful. Still a better deal than leaving it in a savings or checking account yielding 0-1 percent interest.

  2. Crypto is a pyramid scheme. It didn't lose its value, it lost buy-ins! Legacy media refuses to acknowledge their part in promoting this to the masses. Shameful!

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  4. Like all crooks, Sam Bankman Fried held the perfect combination of factors to separate people from their money. He isn't so much brilliant at legitimately doubling your investment but rather he's more along the lines of a magician and having the ability to make your money disappear. He's very charismatic and knows exactly what to say and how to say it so people get sucked in by his persona. That ensures they won't question anything about his strategy or rather lack of it because on face value everything seems legitimate….and they also won't bother digging deeper to find the facts about what is really going on.

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